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Sunday, June 20, 2010

1008 Mahamandaleshwar Swami Kumaranand Sarswati Ji (Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swami Ji)

Niranjani Akhara felicitated Sadgurudev with the seat of “Mahamandaleshwar”

Niranjani Akhara located at the pious unstained land of Ganges, Haridwar, adorned Param Pujya Gurudev as Mahamandaleshwar during an auspicious ceremony Niranjani Peethadeeshwar Swami Punyanand GiriJi Maharaj felicitated gurudev with Vedic chants and putting on his forehead the first vermilion and presenting a shawl. Afterwards other saints in “Pattabhishek ceremony” presented shawls to Gurudev after Pattabhishek ceremony Param Pujya Brahmrishi Shree Kumar SwamiJi’s name has been changed to “Shotriya Brahmanishtha Parivrajakacharya 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Swami Kumaranand Saraswatiji Maharaj. After the Pattabhishek ceremony Shobha Yatra took place form Niranjani Akhara to “Har Ki Paidi” Haridwar. Gurudev while offering the chanting of Vedic mantras to Ganga sprinkled milk into it and prayed with others for unity and harmony. For a moment there was ubiquitous silence in “Har Ki Paidi” there were only sound of perennially flowing Ganga millions of saints and devotes were witness to that memorable moment. Afterwards in the proximity of mother Ganga Param Pujya Gurudev while describing ma Ganga as life donor renewed cosmic sound secrets. Whereby the energies produced form its recital and sound evaporate all over

As respected Gurudev has told us due to the consideration for name I felt that my former name war ‘Kumar SwamiJi’ Kumar means a child without any perception or residence. He wanders laughs and cried. He is his own master. He who had no joy and wobbled in ignorance, emotions and umpteen forms was given joy be them. He was blessed in the lap of goddess Saraswati and added that my thousand reverences at the feet of highly respected Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Nirajani Akhara Peethadishwar who all of a sudden took this distracted child into the shade of goddess Saraswati.